Quick Facts
1.The Hunter's Charm

The Hunter's Charm

Speak to Ogtinc in Azshara.

Relevant Locations

These NPCs or objects can be found in Thunder Bluff, Orgrimmar, Darnassus, Ironforge, Stormwind City, Azshara.


Ogtinc of Azshara has sent out a call for seasoned hunters such as yourself. He is a furbolg hunter who has left his tribe to aid the Cenarion Circle. His teachings are meant to enrich the wisdom of others who share his craft, and guide them toward maintaining a balance. You would do well to speak with him.

Ogtinc resides atop the cliffs of Azshara, northeast from the Ruins of Eldarath.


It is no longer my purpose to hunt, but to teach the <class>. That is what fate has handed to me.

Craft with me a <class>'s charm -- a collection of trophies from fallen prey that will remind you of your past trials and triumphs. In the end I will keep the charm, but reward you with something else.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 500 experience (at level 50) (0 3 0 at max. level)