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The Dark Iron War

Motley Garmason at Dun Modr wants you to kill 15 Dark Iron Dwarves, 5 Dark Iron Tunnelers, 5 Dark Iron Saboteurs and 5 Dark Iron Demolitionists.

Relevant Locations

This NPC or object can be found in Wetlands.


War rages both home and abroad. While mighty Dwarven soldiers give their lives in far off territories in the name of the Alliance, our own lands fall prey to the evil deeds of the Dark Iron Dwarves. They laid waste to the Thandol Span. Dun Modr fell soon after.

We need you to gather force and push the front back. If you can kill 15 Dark Iron Dwarves, 5 Tunnelers, 5 Saboteurs and 5 Demolitionists, the reserve might arrive in time to finish the drive.

Now make haste!


Roggo has been unable to contact the reserve forces. We need offensive pressure on that Dark Iron encampment, <class>. Now get back out there and serve your duty to King Magni!


You upheld your orders well, <class>. You have proven yourself to be a valiant soldier and loyal servant to King Magni and for that I salute you! With the pressure you applied to the Dark Iron encampment, we now stand a chance of driving them off our lands for good. . .if only the damned reserve would show. . . .


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: