Quick Facts

Kodo Hide Bag

Bring 4 Light Leather and 4 Coarse Thread to Veren Tallstrider in Thunder Bluff.
Light Leather (4)
Coarse Thread (4)

Relevant Locations

This NPC or object can be found in Thunder Bluff.


The kodo beasts of Mulgore are strong and sturdy -- traits much respected among us. If you are skilled in leatherworking and wish the knowledge to make a Kodo Hide Bag, then bring me supplies for my trade.

Do this, and I will share my knowledge with you.


You will receive:
Pattern: Kodo Hide Bag


Do you have my supplies, <name>?


Ah, good. Thank you, <name>. My heart swells with pride to see youths interested in the craft of leatherworking.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 420 experience (at level 4) (0 2 52 at max. level)
  • 75 Reputation with Thunder Bluff