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2.Creature of the Void
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Creature of the Void

Retrieve the Tablet of Verga for Gan'rul Bloodeye in Orgrimmar.
Tablet of Verga

Relevant Locations

This NPC or object can be found in Orgrimmar.


So few warlocks remain... We risk much, but the risks are warranted. You must quickly reach maturity in your ability if you are to be of use to the Horde and to the Warchief.

It is time that you learned a new summoning spell.

First, you must recover the Tablet of Verga, which was stolen by warlocks of the Burning Blade and is now kept at their lair in Skull Rock to the east of the city. With the tablet, I will show you the runes necessary to summoning a voidwalker.


Do you have the Tablet of Verga, <name>? If not, I do not wish to speak with you until you do.


Good. I hope you inflicted some other losses on the Burning Blade when you went to retrieve this.

They have been a source of great annoyance for the Warchief, and a great blight upon warlocks as a whole.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 875 experience (at level 10) (0 5 40 at max. level)