Changelog 30.11.2016 - 08.01.2017 (16 fixes)

Spells (3)
#9652 Tranquilizing Shot will now have a much lower chance to be resisted.
#10001 Ignite will now be reflected back to the attacker if it should proc off a critical strike that was reflected.
#5570 Will no longer consume the full amount of rage when the attack fails to land.
Dungeons (1)
#9119 Edge of Madness Players will now be able to read the tablets to find out which enemy will be summoned if they activate the brazier.
Mechanics (1)
#10113 Honorable Kills Players now need to take part in a minimum of 15 honorable kills in order to earn a Standing for that week, down from 25.
General (2)
#10044 Patrols and Motion Fixed an issue that caused patrolling monsters to move slower than intended.
#7371 Scholomance Entrance Jumping into the portal (entrance) to Scholomance will no longer result in falling damage.
Quests (2)
Eastern Kingdoms - Northern Stranglethorn
#7946 Quest description will no longer state that Jungle Remedy can be carried by Jungle Fighters.
Kalimdor - Silithus
#10132 The quest is now available on Kronos II from Commander Mar'alith in Cenarion Hold.
NPCs (1)
#10127 These monsters found deep inside Ahn'Qiraj Temple can now see invisible targets.
Items (6)
#10120 Now requires a Snowball to use.
#10121 Now requires a Snowball to use.
#3196 No longer receives bonuses from (any sources of) spellpower.
#10119 Now requires a Snowball to use.
#9895 Fixed an exploit that prevented players from being affected by Princess Huhurans poison bolt spell.
#10118 Now requires a Snowball to use.