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A remnant of the once powerful elves living in Dire Maul, yet still wise and knowledgeable about great secrets.

The Shen'dralar are the faction of the Night Elves remaining in Dire Maul. They are a group of high practitioners of arcane magic in order of their former Queen Azshara, and her followers, the Highborne. They have been living in Eldre'Thalas (previous name of Dire Maul) since the Great Sundering. They are few, but their knowledge and mystic power are great, referring to things players think are powerful such as Arcanums and Librams as mere cantrips.

Their leader, Prince Tortheldrin, was in charge and oversaw the construction of the pylons to contain the great demon Immol'thar and syphon his demonic power. After many long years though, it began to dwindle so he started killing the remaining night elves to maintain energy. So their spirits come to adventurers and ask them to kill him. There are very few of the original inhabitants left alive.


Reputation can be gained by turning repeatedly in the three Librams of Dire Maul ([Libram of Focus], [Libram of Protection], [Libram of Rapidity]). Turning in the following class books also gives some reputation:Both class books and librams give 500 Reputation points each.